Gérald Fenoy


I obtained my Master degree in Computer Science for University of Montpellier II. After graduation I worked in a private company as a developer for Web-GIS application and PostGIS based system integration. I later established my company GeoLabs in 2006 and have done several projects in France and overseas. I have been actively developing and promoting OSGeo technologies through training workshops and publications. At Geolabs I created the API for OOCMS (Object Oriented ContentManagement System) which is a powerful document and map production system using OpenOffice UNO server and FOSS4G tools. I am a regular participant and contributor to FOSS4G International Conferences. I am presently working on implementing the ZOO-Project WPS engine. On top of this WPS engine, I also work in implementing a user interface to manage and publish web applications and OGC web services, through MapServer, called MapMint. Lastly, I have been involved in the development of MapMint4ME (Measure and Evaluation), a tool for recording data on the field.

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